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Our use of Solidworks in combination with Driveworks ensures an exceptional product every time. 

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We deliver quality cost effective products and services that maximize corporate investments. 

From Design automation to manufacturing, our team is here to ensure your design is brought to life. 

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Solidworks solutions is the leading design software for successful companies across the globe.

This amazing software harnesses top of the line design solutions which streamline your process. This provides you with a 3D model that was carefully and efficiently created from start to finish. 

With their virtual prototype you can catch any flaw prior to production which has saved thousands for companies

just like you. 

We are ONE of SEVEN certified partners with DriveWorks.

This means we are trusted by the Driveworks team to help with any and all aspects of setting up your Driveworks project. Our expertise also allows us to assist with the integration of Driveworks with other programs and allows us to create plugins you may need.  

Why do we love Driveworks? Check out the video below to see this amazing program and what it can do for you and your company.

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Driveworks and Solidworks are the go to design automation solution for a reason. 

Check out all these amazing programs have to offer and why we are the company to see your design from start to finish.




Choosing to work with MAI allows customers to take advantage of depth and breadth of the industry experience and certifications we have achieved. Increasing productivity through training standards, methodologies, guidelines and best practices back to our customers as part of every project, sustains the investment of outsourcing .



Specializing in the Integration, Implementation, and Customization of the DriveWorks & SolidWorks Suite of Products supports our mission statement – Providing quality cost-effective professional services that maximize corporate investments.



This specific service is designed to analyze, confront, and solve your business needs. We provide customized solutions to all of our clients and are extremely results-oriented professionals. We will work with you throughout the entire decision-making process and guarantee success. Contact us to find out how we can help your product ideas become reality, today.



Our custom services fill the gaps between business rules and your business software. 



Offering customized products and services is our competitive differentiation. Leading our clients to a higher volume of sales, higher revenues, and more satisfied customers. However, with more companies turning to customization to gain market share, the ability to turn proposals around quickly, design and manufacture efficiently, and deliver on promises consistently, while maintaining profitability in our industry niche. 



Since 2001 we have brought products to life by bridging the gap between "Design Only" projects and "Manufacturing". We work closely with our clients and our partners to provide products that are On-Time, Complete, and Correct (OTCC). We are ISO 9001:2015 Certified (Certificate No.: CERT-0125969) and are certified by the DLA to work on your Government Contract needs. 

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We build massive projects for different Government Agencies as well. 

We are certified

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